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2015- 2016 Basketball

This following website focuses on the history of Hartsburg-Emden High School Basketball.

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Head Coach Jason Garber

2015-2016 HS Basketball Schedule

For more information about the High School Basketball team, contact Coach Jason Garber.

Junior High School  

Head Coach 

2015-2016 JH Basketball Schedule

Contact Coach   for more information about the Junior High Basketball Program


Snack Stand Schedule for Junior High Boys Basketball

 Monday, 11/10/14 – Williamsville – Darlington & Perschall Families

 Monday, 11/17/14 – Mt Pulaski – Buck 7th Grade Game & Johnson 8th Grade Game

 Thursday, 11/20/14 – Delavan – Hayes 7th Grade Game & Briggs 8th Grade Game

 Tuesday, 11/25/14 – Havana – Langley 7th Grade Game & McAfee 8th Grade Game

 Tuesday, 12/4/14 – West Lincoln Broadwell – Thompson 7th Grade Game & Zinser 8th Grade Game

 Thursday, 12/18/14 – Limestone Walters – Baker 7th Grade Game & Andrade 8th Grade Game

 Thursday, 1/8/14 – Cornerstone Christian Academy (8th grade night) – Vetter 7th Grade Game & Davis 8th Grade Game

 Hartem is also hosting the 7th Grade County Tournament. The schedule will be handed out once we receive the tournament schedule.

 If you are scheduled to work the 7th grade game, please arrive at the cafeteria by 5:30. The parents working the 8th grade game will stay for cleanup. 

 You are responsible to find someone to switch with to work your shift. The HCC needs everyone’s continuous support to be success. The HCC is helping pay for your new warm-ups this season and we are very grateful for that.